The ever-evolving tax laws continue to keep us challenged in the tax arena. We have the expertise of staff who specialize in tax accounting. As a client, you don’t know what you don’t know. You can depend on our service to be current and all encompassing to give you all the benefit you are entitled to. Tax engagements include:

• Individual Returns
• Corporation Returns
• S-Corp Returns
• Trusts and Estates
• Non-Profit Organizations
• Probate
• Gift Tax
• Multi-State
• Ex-Pat
• Tax Planning during Divorce
• Tax Issues after Divorce
Family Law cases often present complex issues and difficult discovery. We are qualified to work with attorneys in the following areas:

• Analysis of community and separate interest in stock options including their effect on income available for support and strategy for division of non-employee's community interest
• Serve as joint or court appointed expert in property or support issues • Assistance in complicated discovery related to business or personal assets and liabilities
• Analysis of complex financial situations preparatory to negotiated settlement or trial
• Appraisal and valuation of businesses · Apportionment of separate property interest in community business (Pereira/Van Camp)
• Tracing community or separate claims to property or evaluating credits claimed · Search for undisclosed property
• Evaluation of income levels for spousal support and related tax effects of spousal support
• Evaluation of alternatives to retain or dispose of business or personal assets
• Analysis of income tax consequences associated with property divisions or support
• Estate tax returns
• Preparation of probate accounts
• Reconstruction of records
• Income tax consulting and preparation
• Expert witness in complex probate litigation
• Appointments as Court's section 730 expert
• Serve as substitute trustee
• Preparing accountings for an Estate or Family Trust
• Preparing “Account to Court” for Estates, Conservatorships and Trusts
• Preparing Tax Accountings for tax filings or tax planning
Business Valuations are a necessary or desirable service in many situations of adversity or need.

We offer the following types of engagements:
• Buy/Sell agreements
• Charitable contributions
• Estate and gift taxes
• Financing arrangements
• Assist with purchase or sale of a business
• Succession planning
• Litigation
• Business disruption
• Dissenting shareholder actions
• Divorce
• Partner or owner disputes
• Probate
• California section 2000 appraisals (for party or as neutral)
• Damages to value
Examining financial records to determine their accuracy for litigation purposes and, when necessary, providing Expert testimony. Some unique situations that we have experienced involved:

• Construction Claims/Disputes
• Law Firm Dissolutions
• Probate Estates and Trusts
• Bankruptcy
• Business Separation
• Serving as expert witness
• Serving as Court's section 730 expert
• Damage or loss studies
• Financial investigations
• Errors and omissions claims
• Reconstruction of records
• Discovery and document management
• Employment claims
Accounting is a broad term covering many of the services we offer.

1. Compilation
• Compiling your data into a financial statements consisting of Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flow
• Using your data to prepare Cash Flow and other projections.

2. Accounting System Design and Installation

3. Bookkeeping Services
• Bank Reconciliation
• Bill Paying
• General Bookkeeping